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6 Simple Weekend Repairs

6 Simple Weekend Repairs

If you’ve worked hard all week the last thing you want to worry about is fixing things around the home, but yard work needs to be done, and those items on your to-do list aren’t going to fix themselves. Here are a few easy repairs to quickly check off your list, and get you back to what’s important in life, spending time with your family.

Lawn & Garden Equipment

Lawn Mower


Mower running rough or hard to start?


Change the air filter. A dirty air filter will cause your mower not to start

Remove the old gas. If the gas has been sitting in the mower for too long you may have old gasoline causing the fuel line to clog. Empty out the old gas and add new gasoline and a fuel stabilizer.

Gas Cans

Engine Oil

Lawn Mower Bags

String Trimmer


String Trimmer Line Won’t Feed?


Remove the trimmer head and clean it, if it is worn out, it will need to be replaced.

The trimmer line could also be the wrong size or the trimmer housing may be cracked or broken.

Leaf Blower


Leaf Blower Won’t Start


The easiest and most common repair on a leaf blower is the spark plug. If there is any damage or wear on the porcelain insulator you will need to replace the spark plug. If there is not visible damage use a spark plug tester to check if the spark plug is defective.

Leaf Blower Bag

Leaf Bags

Shoulder Strap




Oven Not Baking Evenly?


Replace the bake element.

The oven will only be bake properly if the bake element is fully

functioning. If the bake element is damaged the oven will either not start

or not fully heat.



Fridge Ice Maker Not Working?


The water inlet valve controls the flow of the water to and from the ice maker. Test the power to the valve with a multi-meter, if the valve is getting sufficient water pressure but no power, replace the water inlet valve. If the water inlet valve is working properly, some component of the

ice maker assembly may be defective. You will need to replace the entire ice maker assembly.

Fridge Deodorizer

Fridge Light Bulb

Water Filter

Washing Machine


Washer Won’t Agitate?


If the washer is filling with water but not agitating, the most common part to fail is the agitator.  The components of the agitator could become worn, stripped or damaged during normal usage and may need to be replaced. The agitator repair kit will contain all the parts necessary to get the washer back in working order.

Washer Cleaner

Drain Hose Extension Kit

Laundry Supply Storage Cart

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