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Home Maintenance

Home Maintenance & Organization Help For Spring

Spring is the perfect season for home organization in preparation for spending more time outdoors and enjoying the beautiful weather. We’ve compiled a list of easy to-do’s and the tools necessary to keep your household organized and your home equipment maintained.


Sort the items in your garage and group them into similar categories. Assign them each their own designated place in the garage to make locating items easier.  

Decide on the best type of storage for each designated group. Consider labeled bins for children’s toys with accessible shelving properly fastened to the wall and within easy reach. Store larger or seasonal items, like bikes, using hanging hooks from the ceiling or walls of the garage for extra space.

Don’t forget about all the extra ceiling space that can be used for storage, purchase an adjustable sliding rack system, and bins to store holiday decorations or seasonal equipment for outdoor activities.

For garden or yard equipment the closest space to the edge of the garage door is the best and most accessible place for quick access. Use as much vertical space as possible to store shovels, rakes, pruners, watering cans, gardening gloves, string trimmers, leaf bags, shovels or leaf blowers.  Take advantage of a grooved panel wall and add adjustable hooks, shelves, or baskets.

Add cabinets with lockable doors to store bags of soil, weed killer, insecticide and to keep sharp tools out of the reach of children. Pegboard or magnetic strips can be used to keep your workbench clean and provide an area for to display and label your drill bits, pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers and more. Avoid having to search endless tool box cabinet drawers looking for the right size socket wrench.

Lawn Equipment Maintenance Items

Tune-Up Kits

Snow Blower Cover

Gas Cans

Leaf Bags

Engine Oil

Safety Equipment

Blade Removal Tool

Spark Plug Wrench

Flywheel Puller

Starter Clutch Wrench


The best and most manageable way to start organizing your home is to start with one room and then work through each section of the home.

Kitchen cabinets can be better organized by first finding a solution for those pesky plastic lids that fall out of the cupboard door each time you open it. Use a tension rod inside the cabinet or kitchen drawers to corral those lids for plastic containers or pots and pans. Get an old book rack to hold napkins or recipe books, compartmentalize junk drawers with small containers or dividers, and label them accordingly.  Don’t forget to use the outside of the kitchen cabinet sides to hang hooks or shelves for dishtowels or soap dispensers.

Closets and bathrooms can also be organized with a little ingenuity, hang jewelry from a pegboard or use shower hooks to hang purses, scarves or belts. Double up on your hangers or use cascading hooks to hang multiple items at once. Magnetic strips can be used on the inside of your bathroom cabinets for hair clips, bobby pins or attach small bins to the inside of the door for curling irons and brushes.

Save time when doing laundry by adding a clothing sorting station in your laundry room with labels for ever family member to drop off and pickup laundry.  Use old dresser drawers under each bed to store clothing items that are not in season or hang wire baskets from the ceiling of your closet to store socks, hats, blankets or summer wear.

Appliance Maintenance Items

Power Cords

Floor Protectors

Touch Up Paint

Trash Compactor Bags

Flood Stop

Leveling Leg Pads

Laundry Supply Cart

Washer/Dryer Cover

Overflow Laundry Drip Pan

HVAC Maintenance Items

Air Filters

Condenser Coil Cleaner

Humidifier Treatment

Testing Equipment


Ignition Tester


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