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Maintenance tips for your string trimmer

Maintenance tips for your string trimmer
String trimmers enable homeowners to give their yards a well-manicured look. Proper maintenance will maximize efficiency and prevent problems.
1Change the fuel filter.
Change the fuel filter.
In most models, fuel filters can be removed and cleaned. Some fuel filters are located in the fuel line and others are located inside the fuel tank. Be sure to consult your owner’s manual for information about this. If you find debris clogging the mesh screen inside the filter, replace it.
2Clean/replace the spark arrestor
Clean/replace the spark arrestor
Located inside the string trimmer engine’s muffler, the spark arrestor has an important role in the proper functioning of the string trimmer. It should be cleaned or replaced every 25 hours of use or once a season. Note that if your model has a fiberglass spark arrestor, it should be discarded and replaced every 25 hours of use, as this type cannot be cleaned and reused.
3Replace the cutting line.
Replace the cutting line.
Over time, string trimmer line weakens, becomes brittle and easily breakable. Use a high quality, non-rounded string for a dramatically better cut. Enter your string trimmer model number to find replacement string trimmer line.
4At the end of the season, degrease.
At the end of the season, degrease.
Before storing your string trimmer at the end of the season, spray a degreaser on greasy and dirty areas. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes before wiping the sprayed area with a clean cloth. Rinse it off and ensure that it’s completely dry before storing the string trimmer.

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