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This free troubleshooting video shows quick maintenance tips including cleaning the spray arm, cleaning the filter, and repairing the rack tines for keeping your dishwasher working safely and efficiently.

Interior cleaning & deodorizing

You don't need to clean the interior of your dishwasher if you use it regularly. If it goes un-used for a week or more and begins to mold or smell bad, you can clean it using Glisten Dishwasher Cleaner and Deodorizer, available in our parts section.

Exterior cleaning

Just clean the exterior of your dishwasher with a damp sponge and a little dish detergent.

Rust removal

Try RoVer Rust Remover to remove rust stains from the inside of your dishwasher. You can find this product in our parts section.

Dish rack repairs

If the plastic coating wears off of the tines of the dish racks in your dishwasher, they may corrode and rust. We have repair kits available for those tines in Light Blue, Gray, and White. These repair kits can be found in our parts section.

Filter cleaning

On many dishwashers, there's a filter near the bottom, or under the lower spray arm that needs to be cleaned regularly. If you have this sort of filter, check your owner's manual to find out how to remove and clean it. If it has holes in it, replace it to protect the pump and motor seals from particles that may be in the dishwasher.

Spray arm cleaning

Over time, the small holes in the spray arm(s) of your dishwasher may become clogged with bits of paper, toothpicks, glass, etc. Your dishwasher will do a better job of cleaning your dishes if you take a moment to clean out these small holes, from time to time.

If you're unable to find the information you need on our website, we suggest that you use a search online to find a reliable online repair forum. It's likely that your question has already been answered there. We also recommend contacting your product's manufacturer or calling a local repair technician.

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Maintenance tips for your dishwasher
Maintenance tips for your dishwasher
The dishwasher is one of the most appreciated home appliances. In addition to simplifying the chore of cleaning dishware and utensils, it uses considerably less water than if the dishes were washed by hand.
1Clean and deodorize the interior.
Clean and deodorize the interior.
Periodically use a warm rag and some household cleaner to wipe the space between the door and bottom of the tub. Food particles often collect here and lead to mold growth, as this location remains untouched during the wash cycle. Use a pipe cleaner or sewing needle to remove food particles, bits of paper or other debris from the spray arms’ small holes. Never use a toothpick, as the tip can break off inside of the wash arm. A deodorizer specifically designed for dishwashers makes it easy to prevent mold growth and keep the interior smelling fresh. A rust-removing solution designed for dishwashers will eliminate rust stains. You can clean the door (exterior) with warm water and a small amount of dish detergent.
2Clean the filter.
Clean the filter.
Your dishwasher may have a filter located near the bottom or under the lower spray arm. This filter should be inspected and cleaned regularly. Follow your dishwasher owner’s manual for specific instructions about how to properly remove and clean this filter, if equipped. If there are any holes or other damage to the filter, you’ll need to replace it immediately to protect the dishwasher’s pump and motor seals from damage.
3Repair dish racks.
Repair dish racks.
If the plastic coating wears off of your dishwasher’s top or bottom rack, repair as soon as possible. Use replacement tine tips, which are available in an array of colors to match your unit’s racks. Use touch-up paint to cover flaking paint. If left alone to rust, the racks may corrode, allowing small shards of rusty metal to enter your dishwasher’s pump, leading to expensive repairs. Enter your dishwasher model number in our search field to find replacement tine tips, touch-up paint and many other parts for your model.
4Don’t overload it.
Don’t overload it.
Cramming two loads into one load will restrict the water spray patterns, which will prevent proper cleaning and require you to have to rewash, wasting water.
5Repair broken components.
Repair broken components.
Enter your dishwasher’s model number in the Repair Help section of our website to get specific repair tips for your model. RepairClinic has replacement parts for dishwashers including dish racks, rollers, spinners, water inlet valves, gaskets, pumps and more. Enter your dishwasher’s model number for a list of parts recommended for your dishwasher.

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