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Chainsaw Troubleshooting

Chainsaws are powerful tools that make pruning, cutting and ice sculpting far easier than using a hedge trimmer, an axe or an ice pick. You rely on your chainsaw to get the job done quickly so you can move on to the other chores on your very long list. So what do you do when the trusty machine won't start or its chain doesn't move? You check out the list of possible problems on this page, click on the right one and start down the road of DIY chainsaw repair, because we know you can do it, and you know saving money is always a good thing.
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It could be the spark arrestor or the clutch pads, the spark plug or the carburetor. Right now, you don't know. But after you look at the array of problems below, pick the right one and work down the list of possible causes, you will. We will tell you how to figure out why your chainsaw is doing what it's doing, and have the right replacement part waiting. Then, we'll show you how to fix it, so you'll save money and the hassle of taking it in for repair.