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Spring Home Appliance Repairs

Spring Home Appliance Repairs

Spring is the time to get your home in proper order. Time to clean up all those muddy footprints in your hallway. Wipe down the corners of the room covered in dust from running the furnace all winter, open the windows, and check off those appliance repairs that you’ve neglected.  We have gathered a few easy home repairs to get you started, and on your way to a happier, healthier home.



Run the dishwasher once with this dishwasher cleaner, it will help remove lime scale and mineral build-up and improve the efficiency of your dishwasher.  Broken rollers on the racks can be easily replaced with no toolbox required. If your dishwasher rack has rusted out and leaving rust stains on your dishes, than replace the entire rack.  The metal coating on the rack is covered in vinyl to protect them from rusting but over time this will chip or peel away (lower rack or upper rack).  The silverware basket is also an easy replacement part to change out if the basket has become damaged or missing.


Clean the outside of your stainless steel stove with this cleaner made specifically to clean fingerprints, smudges and residue left behind on stainless steel appliances. Grease splatter, cooked on food can make a new stove look old and outdated. Replace the grates, knobs, drip pans and bowls for a quick and easy upgrade. Did you know that the grates have feet? They do…and you can replace those too! Change the light bulb in the oven so you can see what’s cooking and replace the oven handle with a just two screws and a screwdriver. With screwdriver in hand, why not check the bake element in the oven, if your oven is not baking properly that is more than likely the culprit.

Vent Hood

A quick replacement grease filter and a new light bulb are easy simple repairs. If the blower makes a humming noise but doesn’t turn, try adding some oil to the motor bearings, to get the fan to turn freely.


The fridge door is constantly being opened and closed and is the most frequently used appliance in a home’s kitchen.  Stress on the door’s handle can cause it to crack, or break. The door’s gasket can become worn out or stretched, causing air to escape from the fridge, and creating food temperature problems. 


If the outside of your microwave is stainless steel you know that the constant pressing of the buttons and closing of the door results in a barrage of greasy leftover fingerprints. Use this stainless steel cleaner to ward off the nasty grime, and leave your microwave with just enough shine for your own reflection.  Change your microwave filter at least every 6 months, the filter absorbs pollutants and smells from the heating food and once replaced will improve the efficiency of your microwave. If the glass plate is broken or not turning you can replace the plate or the turntable motor.



Smelly washing machines can stink up not just your laundry room but the entire home, use a washer cleaner to eliminate odors in front-load and top-load washers. If you’re experiencing drain problems or a leaky washer, check the hoses first, check for small articles of clothing that may have entered the hose during the drain cycle or a bulging hose that may have cracked causing a leak. Washing machines will often times will get out of balance depending on the size of the load you are washing, if you notice excessive vibrations even on smaller loads, add vibration pads under the washer to protect the floor and reduce excessive noise. You can also adjust the legs of the washer to ensure the unit is level.


Birds or squirrels will make nests in the dryer vent where it exits the home. Check or replace your venting system and install a bird cover to prevent small animals from nesting.  Clean your dryer lint filter or replace the filter if it has become damaged. Use a dryer cleaning brush to clean out your dryer vent to prevent lint buildup and overheating of the dryer.  If the dryer is not heating at all, the thermal fuse and the heating element, are the most common parts to fail on an electric dryer. On a gas dryer check the gas solenoid valve or the igniter.


The vacuum belt not picking up anything? It’s most often time to change the air filter or vacuum hose. Check to make sure there is no hair wrapped around the vacuum brush causing the belt to burn and emit a strong burning odor, replace the belt and brush roll, if necessary. If you’re low on vacuum bags then enter the model number of your vacuum cleaner and locate the proper ones to fit your vacuum.

Carpet Cleaner

Time to wash away those muddy grimy footprints leftover from the rainy or snowy season. Looking forward to company visiting soon but someone forgot to take their shoes off, your carpet is dirty, and your carpet cleaner is out of order? A few simple parts could get your carpet cleaning back up in running in short order. If the carpet cleaner is leaking, look into replacing the tank, or the valves. Brushes not spinning? Check the belt or replace the brush roll.

Central Air Conditioner

Winter season is over but the heat is upon us and it is important to the function of your central air conditioner to change your furnace air filter regularly. We recommend replacing the furnace filter every couple of months to help eliminate allergens in the air, improve the efficiency of your central air conditioner and save on energy costs. Upgrade your wall thermostat to a Wifi programmable thermostat to better control the temperature of your home when you are away.

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