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Troubleshooting Air Conditioning Problems

Air conditioners turn hot air cool and muggy air dry. They're lifesavers ' until the air compressor doesn't run or the coils freeze, and suddenly you feel sweat beading on your forehead. That's when panic sets in. You need a good night's sleep! You can't go to work wearing soggy, wrinkled clothes! It may seem like an impossible problem, but you might just be able to fix this thing yourself using our air conditioner repair help. And that might just save you some money. And some sleepless nights.
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You've come to the right place for air conditioner repair help. With our troubleshooting guide, you may be able to fix your air conditioner affordably and quickly. Here's how: Chose a symptom that describes the problem, and then read through the possible causes. It might take a little investigative work to zero in on just the right one. Once you know the problem, we tell you the right part to buy and provide videos and articles to walk you through the repair.